Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Indigenous Nudity

I Have a bone to pick with the producers of documentaries centered on Indigenous Tribes and the "people" of the Travel Channel. Preceding the countless documentaries chronically the lives of the forest people of Brazil (yes this isn't politically correct) or the inhabits of the Polynesian islands, there is a disclaimer warning about the "Indigenous Nudity" in the program. Apparently there is a difference between my breasts and the breasts of the women featured in these documentaries. God forbid we expose breasts in South Beach, when it comes to images of Miami Beach the blur tool is ready at hand, we don't want to traumatized our children with "real" breasts, BUT "indigenous breast", oh that okay by us! I know, I know, in many of these tribes, thighs are more attractive that breasts, so exposing them does not have the same connotation. Why call it indigenous nudity, like it's different from plain old nudity!

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Riaz said...

and yet somehow indigenous nudity isn't exiting at all... infact any nudity that isn't covered up doesn't do anything much.